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Does this play well on tablets like the Surface Pro with a Surface Pen?


super cute!!! sometimes the music destroys my ears but cute!

i finally know how art!

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loved learning art !


This game has a gorgeous world design with relaxing music, I would recommend this game for when you want to wind down. I am an artist myself and this game is very inspiring, the way the challenges are set up forces me to draw using techniques and styles that I wouldn't usually consider.


Weirdly cute and somewhat creepy game. I love it and its art style a lot. :))


This game is bizarre and wonderful. I love it


not sure how i feel about this game's APPROACH. i tried turning in a blank paper but it was refused. i didn't expect my artistic expressiveness to be stifled so. i think this game needs a little more work.


Love the game! uhm, only question I have is that if I load the game through the itch launcher all of my pictures don't seem to save to my computer? Help??






is thicc

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I'm posting this image so you can know what sports look like. You're welcome.


i love it so much... it really captures the feeling you get when you play sports

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If you've got this for free you're not getting a Steam key. Please stop asking the same exact thing on every game page you claim for free during a sale.


I love Froshmin's design more than anything in this world. I love u Froshmin!!!


I keep making all my assignments self-portraits because Froshmin is just so hilarious to draw


Thanks for the sale recently, this game is totally worth the $11 tho so I might have to buy it again  later...

On another topic, though, I  *do* have to admit that I probably spent more time learning to translate, not do art. n.n Do those odd messages have any meaning besides easter eggs? 

(+1) claims this game is free. Might want to check with them, since it's obviously not free.


it was free for a once-in-a-lifetime weekend, sorry ya missed it :) even at full price it's a bargain :)

I just claimed it yesterday for free. Sorry you missed the sale. It's worth buying though

I thought this game is on giveaway until today? But I can't claim it?




Adorable game, I had a lot of fun recording it.. my art skills just suck. xP


I bought this through the halloween bundle, but it won't run for me. After I select a resolution from the initial dialog and click Run, I see the title screen and then it crashes silently with no displayed errors. I tried different resolutions and windowed vs full screen. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this? Thanks.


sorry abt that dawg! If you shoot me an email with your computer specs I will do my best to fix it !!


Really enjoyed this! I'm wholly unable to find the last brush head tool, and feel like I pretty thoroughly explored the art sqool world. Wondering if anyone has found all 16 yet. Thanks!


(note: i have no money :( so i have not played this game yet...)

when i looked at the trailer video i laughed my head off for about 5 minutes because it is so good! i will one day play this and i will love it.


This game is pure joy! You can explore and live out your creative dreams, i love being in glanderworld and bopping around makin art. GET IT, live a little!


"why are you drawing in a hellish landscape"

that is art sqool my friend


Absolutely love this game. If you want a first look, I did a quick video for those on the fence. Seriously, pick this up. 


i want to go


i like the snake brush!


rad af


is it feb 5th yet???


lets gooooooo 2 scooool


I am leaving the required comment.

Please buy this game twice.


this looks incredible I can't wait. BTW, if you're reading this comment here's a tip: follow or add the game to a collection so you can be notified when it comes out!

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