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I like this game. I enjoy exploring the floating island to find more art tools. I also like the drawing part, the prompts, and the overall vibe/aesthetic of the game. The grading seems kind of random, like one time I spent a lot of time on a drawing and got an F. But one time I just wrote "NO." with the rainbow pen and got a B. (I didn't wanna do the prompt lol) But maybe that's intentional, it's hard to say. I also don't like how if you fall off the map your art gets graded and you might not be done. Still a good game though.

Here's some of my favorite drawings so far:

(I've only unlocked the yellow color lol)

this game's aesthetic is so charming and it captures the creative ability to work with what you're given, good game

I brought this game and I can't use my stylus or Wacom tablet to play it! Does anyone have any tips?

what a cute concept. I love the neon pastels and weird vibe. Somehow drawing with simple tools brings out my own creativity. I don't really like the first-person controls, and simply jumping in succession to "fly" got kind of annoying. 

It's so fun and creative. Just got it from the World Land Trust Bundle and played it for 2 hours. 

The only bad aspect I believe is the camera movement. Since you are encouraged to explore and get new brushes, and the world is so beautiful and atmospheric, I would have expected more freedom. 

Nevertheless, great music, beautiful colors, and remarkable art direction. 

how do I play? Art sqool is installed but keeps returning to buy and pay information.


I did a vid of this game and had a great time! Made me think a lot about why I draw. 


I just posted a video for this game. My chat already loves the sound track


I've been looking for a game like this for ages!! I bought it a few hours ago and have been playing it for 2 hours now :)) i like how it makes me think about how i view my own art!


He gave me a C when he told me to draw the ugliest thing at Art Sqool and I gave him this, but I think it's because he's bitter and knows the truth:


“As close to the real thing as you can get” - Charlie*, art school graduate

Very excited to try this, but the PC version seems a little borked? It won't load past the blue screen of opening and will freeze if you tab out of fullscreen.

I can try to fix this if u email me with some specs about ur PC! 


ive bought this game


Very cute and fun game, but it felt like the more I liked my drawing the worse my grade got, in the beginning there were two Drawings I was particularly happy with that both got a D, but then I passed both of their prompts by just putting a single dot or something like that and getting a B


i really like the prompts in this game, and the entertainment value from that alone is pretty high, especially as an artist currently facing art block and needing a bit of a push to create.

it does have its problems though - mainly unintuitive controls and camera, slow movement (which is a problem when you're encouraged to pick up addons but get too bored to bother) and accessibility (our ai buddy is waaay too flashy and could bother sensitive people - i myself suffered some eye strain from it and it stopped me from playing too long).

all that said, there's definitely a jewel somewhere in there. i hope you keep working on it!

I love this game, just finished!


I liked the game, so I made a video essay about it. Good Job. 

i love it!


hello i am froshmin its my first day here at 

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how come you removed the game from steam?


itch is better :)


i agree that it is, but there were a bunch of people who use steam and not itch, so to just remove it from steam entirely is a bit of a weird decision to make.


I agree, I personally feel like more people would buy it if the game was also on Steam.


i enjoyed this game!! the controls are a little frustrating but i think the overall entertainment value balances it out :)


The only reason this video existes is because of this game a few others. Great game and BLStillM


Me and my sister (both artists) have been having a blast with this game!


i really wanted to enjoy this game but the controls were so painfully bad and difficult that i couldn't even continue playing after about 20 minutes. i loved how weird and colorful the environment was but my god man, i literally could not handle the controls and how bad they were.


Same. Moving forward was fine. Turning made me spin out of control. Was having fun with the drawing assignments. Oh well.


really enjoy playing this! just started an hour ago this is a really fun game :) i like the assignments. heres an angel i made with it


Got this in a bundle and I'm glad I didn't buy it for full price, you'll get more enjoyment watching the trailer.


Some feedback after trying this out for the first time today.  Generally I was surprised and enjoyed this game so far.  It's a great idea, and I was a big fan of the crazy campus design!  I love how our colors and tools are so strange that we can't help but make "terrible" abstract drawings.  The limitation actually makes me want to keep trying to draw more things, which is really great!  Also the main character is so perfect. :)

1. I wish there was an "offset to the left/right" camera.  So that when your drawing was open to one side of the screen, the character could be about a third off to the left to make room for the drawing interface.  Walking was extremely uncomfortable as is "out of the box" since I could only ever see in one direction from the character at a time.  This might be fixed if there was a key to hide the drawing pad like a "put away" feature.

2. Some indicator of where the brushes/colors are, or maybe some hints around the level.  I had no idea where to go after getting about half of them, and for a good long while I had no idea the colors could even be collected because they look like sculptures at first.  I kind of dread the moment when I collect almost all of them except 1 or 2.  Maybe they could emit a sound, animate, or glow when in a certain range to let us know that they are pickups?

3. The jumping was funny and fit with the whole wacky thing, but I would love an option to "float when held automatically" or even "hold space to stay at this height".  I play a lot of video games, so tapping to fly isn't too bad for me personally.  But I can see a lot of disabled players being unable to get around the campus due to the required rapid button press in an otherwise rather tame game.  Another solution may be to simply setup walking paths between the islands, so the jumping can become a "cheat", but there is also a way to "walk" to each location.  (At least the ones with brushes/loot on them.)

4. I love the colors and crazy things going on.  But the AI is very flashy and probably not good to stare at in a dark room at night.  I found myself needing to focus on the art or grade windows instead of the AI when he was grading my work.  So I think having an option to slow down or mute the flashing colors would help make the game less eye straining.

5. Some tutorial on the default controls is a must.  I didn't know about x to change camera angles till I came to this page and read about it in the comments.

6. Thanks for saving the drawings to our PCs!  I'm terrible, but it's still nice and encouraging to know if I manage a masterpiece, it will be sitting in a folder for me to share or enjoy later on. :)


this horse (?) got an F. I'm livid.

I love this game a lot, though, and will finish it.Every cut scene brings me closer to godliness


I wish the saved art portfolio had the titles of the prompts, though. Only criticism.


Is Jack Stauber making games now? lol

the assignments made me think and were the right mix of freedom and restriction. nice game!


Is there an option to disable the flashing dots? I really enjoyed the game but sadly I couldn't finish it. Some parts (the beginning song and every time mr. professor was on screen) made my head hurt

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as someone with chronic visual migraines I literally could not continue playing because of the flashing dots. I tried covering up the professor every time he was on screen but it just wasn't worth having to do it so much.
EDIT: Apparently what I actually have is retinitis pigmentosa lol, but yeah, strongly do not recommend if flashing and bright colors bother you.


Yes please! I had brain surgery on Monday and cannot handle the professor either


Noticed it has a word filter, will instagrade you an F depending on some key words. Lol.

Woah? Really?


What a wonderful and weird game! It's really fantastic to know that you have been making improvements (ie changing the sky). I also like that you can smash the space bar to basically fly through the air! 


I have a mac, and for whatever reason it wont open on my computer. Has any one else ran into this problem and got it to work?

if you are using the itch desktop client, try downloading it direct from the itch website :)

mine still isn't opening. downloading it from the itch website directly also :- (

Move the file to another folder, for example the desktop. That should hopefully fix it.

havin the same problem on mac but moving it elsewhere doesn't seem to help any :(

Same issue here :(

i got it case insane itch bundle

same, was it the 

Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

yea( says a year later xD)


This was cute and fun to play

I thought it was hilarious to have infinite jumping ability. Finding the tools and color was a nice way to drive the player to explore the areas. I do wish the art board had a lock function to prevent from drawing out of it when needed. Your game in the video is the first one. Also, I failed art sqool.

Loved it :) Here is some of my fabulous art
Is the order of the assignments random ? 

Great game that I would not have tried had it not been for the massive itch bundle (because 12 dollars is priceeeeyyy)

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