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🌈✏️🎨𝙰𝚁𝚃 𝚂𝚀𝙾𝙾𝙻🎨✏️✨

U r a froshmin at 🅐 🅡 🅣 🅢 🅠 🅞 🅞 🅛. 
Ur assignments are generated & graded by an A.I. 

Can a video game make you more creative? 
Can a video game make you a better artist? 
Can you graduate from Art Sqool? Idk,,, that's on u!

It makes the idea of practicing making art seem both inviting and worthwhile but still an incredibly weird undertaking.

The color choices are characteristically Glander: candy-like pinks and blues, everything effervescently joyful. Eagle-eyed art-nuts will love spotting references to the likes of Ed Ruscha and Yayoi Kusama, though we won’t give too many of those away.
-AIGA Eye on Design

Art Sqool will soon make all non-virtual art colleges redundant.
-Rock Paper Shotgun

🖼Explore the sprawling Art Sqool campus in 3D 
🖌Find and collect cool brushes to help you in your artistic process like the wiggle brush, rainbow pencil and mop.
🎨Use your drawing pad to complete your assignments and progress through the game. 
👁An A.I. art professor grades your work and hands out assignments
☁️Over 200 inspiring prompts to help u break thru any creative block. 
⌚️4-6 hours of gameplay
✨Creative fulfillment basically guaranteed
🎧Soundtrack is a banger 

A new project from Julian Glander
Coming to Mac & PC February 5th, 2k19 


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

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ART SQOOL for Mac 200 MB
Readme 302 kB


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not sure how i feel about this game's APPROACH. i tried turning in a blank paper but it was refused. i didn't expect my artistic expressiveness to be stifled so. i think this game needs a little more work.

Love the game! uhm, only question I have is that if I load the game through the itch launcher all of my pictures don't seem to save to my computer? Help??








is thicc

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I'm posting this image so you can know what sports look like. You're welcome.

Deleted 20 days ago

If you've got this for free you're not getting a Steam key. Please stop asking the same exact thing on every game page you claim for free during a sale.


I love Froshmin's design more than anything in this world. I love u Froshmin!!!


I keep making all my assignments self-portraits because Froshmin is just so hilarious to draw

Thanks for the sale recently, this game is totally worth the $11 tho so I might have to buy it again  later...

On another topic, though, I  *do* have to admit that I probably spent more time learning to translate, not do art. n.n Do those odd messages have any meaning besides easter eggs? 


Epicbundle.com claims this game is free. Might want to check with them, since it's obviously not free.


it was free for a once-in-a-lifetime weekend, sorry ya missed it :) even at full price it's a bargain :)

I just claimed it yesterday for free. Sorry you missed the sale. It's worth buying though

I thought this game is on giveaway until today? But I can't claim it?




Adorable game, I had a lot of fun recording it.. my art skills just suck. xP


I bought this through the halloween bundle, but it won't run for me. After I select a resolution from the initial dialog and click Run, I see the title screen and then it crashes silently with no displayed errors. I tried different resolutions and windowed vs full screen. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this? Thanks.


sorry abt that dawg! If you shoot me an email Julian@glander.co with your computer specs I will do my best to fix it !!


Really enjoyed this! I'm wholly unable to find the last brush head tool, and feel like I pretty thoroughly explored the art sqool world. Wondering if anyone has found all 16 yet. Thanks!


(note: i have no money :( so i have not played this game yet...)

when i looked at the trailer video i laughed my head off for about 5 minutes because it is so good! i will one day play this and i will love it.


This game is pure joy! You can explore and live out your creative dreams, i love being in glanderworld and bopping around makin art. GET IT, live a little!


"why are you drawing in a hellish landscape"

that is art sqool my friend


Absolutely love this game. If you want a first look, I did a quick video for those on the fence. Seriously, pick this up. 


i want to go


i like the snake brush!


rad af


is it feb 5th yet???


lets gooooooo 2 scooool


I am leaving the required comment.

Please buy this game twice.


this looks incredible I can't wait. BTW, if you're reading this comment here's a tip: follow or add the game to a collection so you can be notified when it comes out!