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I've never downloaded a font before, once I have it, is it just part of the system then or do I have to do something to make that happen? (By the way, Sorry if I sound like an idiot)

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What kind of computer are you using? You do need to install the font on Windows but it's pretty simple. You just need to open the ttf file and install it or add the ttf file to your fonts folder and I think the process is relatively similar on Mac. Here's a website that has some specific instructions:


I want to thank you for making this because it made my sqool project in art class 100x better.


i've always loved the art sqool font thank you for the downloadable font :0

Thank you very much! Very positive font. Can I use it for non-commercial banners and posters? Maybe for commercial posters (for example music concert poster)?


ya whatever u want!


It's pretty cool you're also selling the font!

Yet, it's a bit unusual. I mean, can we use it in other games/apps (without re-distributing it of course?)


ya go nuts