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it was fun! it kinda reminded me of animal crossing and adventure time a little bit. the color combination of the game is soothing.  and i like the backstory of some characters in the game. overall, nice game! 

p.s game starts at 0:27

its not working with Catalina...

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Party Pig and I are birthday twins!

Deleted 109 days ago

If you've got this for free you're not getting a Steam key. Please stop asking the same exact thing on every game page you claim for free during a sale.

Great Game! Really Loved It :D


Charming, silly, and a bit absurd. Love it great job <3 Looking forward to trying it again later tonight to see what's different. Great trailer too :)

While playing, it was pretty zoomed in - can I zoom out somehow?

press 777 :)))


Dope ass leng. And I don't say that lightly.


This game is on sale for 100% OFF the next few days. Unfortunately, I am unable to "Claim" the game and add it to my "Purchased" items.

I did try buying for $0.00 but it does not show up as purchased.

I can add it to a Collection but fear I am not going to be able to download the game after the Sale ends.

as long as you have downloaded it make a backup if your afraid of losing it until the sale ends, and if it shows up later in your purchases delete that backup, im new to this and would like to know the same thing, best of luck!


am i too late for reviews? anyways just wanted to say it looks really cool, the writing is good, and its fun!!!


thank u so much!! never too late for nice words like that!

Enjoying this. Thanks.


>Open gameplay, forever, until you die in real life.

LOL. This looks great.

Does the game have gamepad support? Specifically, do you know if it'd work with an Xbox One controller on OSX? I have the right drivers and stuff all set up for other games.

Should work!